Okay, so maybe ruining is a strong word. But, wearing nail polish 365 days straight can’t be good for your nail beds, right? Right. While we can relate to your lacquer obsession, we also abide by everything in moderation (except for the amount of makeup one can own!).

Play it safe with polish by keeping these four important factors in mind! Read on to be sure you’re taking great care of your nails while also feeding your polish addiction.

Nail Polish Problems

#1: Wearing Polish EVERY Single Day

So, you’re the girl who has every single essie shade in her bathroom cabinet. Your appointments to the nail salon are so frequent that your manicurist knows more about your love life than your friends do.

Unfortunately for you (and your obsession), wearing polish all too often can weaken your nail beds. While naked nails can make you feel, well, naked — it’s important to take breaks in between appointments to let them “breathe.”

If you’re noticing excessive peeling, dryness and chipping, it’s time for a Nail Detox Challenge. Go polish free and soak your fingers in warm water for 10 days (or up to three weeks if possible — depending on damage) for about 10-15 minutes a day to rehydrate your poor nails. While you may miss your hot pink polish, your nails will thank you!

#2: Lots of Nail Polish Means Lots of Remover

If you’re swapping polish colors like you swap underwear, this means your remover use is also through the roof. Traditional nail polish removers contain acetone — causing serious peeling that can even lead to infections.

So, while your polish isn’t the problem here, per se — taking a break from it will also allow your nails to take a break from the drying effects of acetone.

Or better yet, for when you’re NOT on nail polish holiday, opt in for an acetone-free remover like The Body Shop Sweet Almond Oil Nail Polish Remover. It’s enriched with sweet almond, soya oil and sugarcane essence to soften cuticles and improve the overall health of your nails.

#3: Peeling Your Own Polish off

While we can’t blame the nail polish for this one, we can blame your bad habits. When you incessantly pick off chipping nail polish, you’re also removing the top layer of your nail bed — further weakening your nails. Prevent chipping (and thus, picking) in the first place by using a quality topcoat like essie good to go and keep your hands off!

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#4: Missing That Protective Base Coat

While yellow nails can be caused by a number of things like smoking, fungus or even medical issues — sporting polish without a protective base coat can also be the culprit. Be sure to ALWAYS apply a base coat before polish to keep nails from turning a not-so-cute shade of yellow.

#5: Dark Shades 

You can also thank your dark shades for those nail stains that never seem to come out no matter how much remover you use. Apply a layer of essie ridge filling base coat to not only keep polish in place, but to also prevent those annoying, blotchy stains caused by your fave fall shades.


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