Nov 24, 2015

December is nearly upon us, which means January 1st and all its New Year glory is rapidly approaching! We’ve done well in preparing our makeup and hair routines for 2016, but what about our nails? Check out what top nail pros had to say about the nail trends that will be all the rage next year.

2016 Nail Trends

Negative Space

It seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same, especially in the nail world. “Believe it or not, the negative-space nail (trend) isn't going anywhere in 2016,” says Los Angeles-based celeb nail artist Kait Mosh. “Minimalist nail designs incorporating negative space were seen all over models at New York Fashion Week. And, obviously if designers are into it, it’s gotta be cool!”

Michelle Saunders, celeb nail manicurist for essie, seconds the notion of barely-there nail designs. “We will still see a lot of self-created and world-inspired nail art in addition to simple ‘come as you are,’ no- fuss manicures.”

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Shimmery Nudes

Going bare will be a running theme for next year — with your makeup, hair and nails. However, when it comes to your digits, the nude look takes a more shimmery angle. “With all the ’90s-inspired looks coming back in a more sophisticated way, it’s no surprise that some form of glitter is coming back, too,” says Mosh. “This is essentially the new nude mani. These finishes will be more refined than the glitters of our youth. Think sheer pink or beige that catches the light at every angle. It’s classy, yet full of sparkle.”

All you color-loving ladies shouldn’t stress over this nude wave. Color will still have its place on your nails. “Colors like denim, persimmon, bright cherry, and sea-green will be highlighted,” says Saunders.

Metallic & Textured Finishes

In addition to a little sparkle, shiny metallics will be making their way into our hearts and onto our nails. “We'll be seeing a lot of textured polishes, as well as metallic golds and silvers,” says Mosh. “These are fitting choices, as the ‘refined minimalist’ aesthetic seems to be capturing the heart of the fashion world right now. They give edge without being as harsh as a black or a gunmetal.”

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