Nail Art Ideas for Easter That Are Totally Cute and Not Cheesy

April 19, 2019
Jessica Harrington
By: Jessica Harrington | by L'Oréal
Nail Art Ideas for Easter That Are Totally Cute and Not Cheesy

As you pick out your Easter Sunday’s best, don’t forget about one of the most important details: your mani. Inspired by the bright colors and famous characters of the season, an Easter-themed manicure is one of the easiest ways to show off your festive side and impress your friends and family. But don’t worry if bunnies aren’t really your thing — there are plenty of other Easter-inspired nail art ideas to copy that don’t involve the holiday’s furry friend. Ahead, we rounded up five nail art designs — some totally adorable, some really chic — to sport this Easter Sunday. Bring them as inpso to your next nail appointment or take a crack at recreating the simpler looks at home to get in the springtime spirit.

Pink and Purple Gradient
If you’re more inclined to keep things simple when it comes to your manicure, this pink and purple gradient look might suit your style. The ombré blend of colors is subtle but still warm enough for spring.

Bright and Sunny Baby Chicks
No color reads more Easter than bright and sunny yellow. Give your nails a cutesy upgrade by featuring baby chicks and Easter eggs as accent nails. You can also opt for just one accent nail instead.

Different Pastel Polish on Every Finger
With different nail polish colors on every nail being a new big trend, make it Easter by keeping the colors a variety of pastel pink, purple and light green hues.

Abstract Easter Eggs
Whether you see abstract Easter Egg Nails or Peep Nails (re: Michelle Lee’s caption), this creative spin on a holiday classic is understated enough for anyone to wear.

Negative-Space Polka Dots
For all of you minimal-mani-lovers, this negative-space polka dot nail look using spring-inspired shades is gorgeous to wear all season long.

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