Organize Your Nail Polish Collection With These 6 Storage Hacks

April 16, 2019
By: Tembe Denton-Hurst
Organize Your Nail Polish Collection With These 6 Storage Hacks

Some beauty products are easier to hoard than others, nail polish being one of the main offenders. The endless shades and finishes makes it easy to collect, even more so when holographic hues are involved. They’re often affordable, too, and even if you start with a few, one day you wake up with 50 different polishes shoved into a bag and nowhere to keep them all. That’s where storage solutions come in. We’ve rounded up our favorite nail polish organization ideas on the internet — from the wall shelf that’ll make your stash look salon-ready to the carrying case you’ll want to take on the go.

OPTION #1: A Classic Polish Wall
Nail polish enthusiast Olivia Anderson (better known as @essiebuff on the ‘gram) organized her polish stash using display shelves and created a color-coordinated polish wall to rival your local salon’s. This is a great option for anyone who has a hoard of polishes and the space to show them off for everyone to see.

OPTION #2: Make a Statement
If you want your polish collection to look like a piece of art, try this ornate polish frame from Bye Edda Design, which features a fancy frame and a few shelves to help you show off your favorite hues.

OPTION #3: Use a Designated Drawer
If you have endless polishes try @velvetmarmoset’s method, which includes using the front of a drawer to display polish samples using markers. Each polish is capped with a small marker and the matching shade is shown on the other side, so finding the polish you need will be a breeze.

OPTION #4: Turn Your Jewelry Hanger Into a Polish Hanger
Surprisingly, jewelry hangers are a great solution for storing your nail polishes, especially if you’re low on space. This works particularly well if you have a medium-sized collection, and it makes it easy to pick the polish you want.

OPTION #5: Opt for a Polish Wheel
If you’re a salon regular then you’re probably familiar with the polish sample wheel — featuring fake nails painted with every shade on the wall. Use this for your own polish stash, so you can choose your shade without swatching them all each and every time.

OPTION #6: Spring for a Dedicated Case
If you need to stack your polishes but want to keep them ultra-organized, we recommend the Color Clutch, a nail polish case that has a clear top and spaces on the side for swatching your polishes. Each polishes sits in its own little slot, making this the perfect storage solution to take on the go.