6 Winter Nail Art Ideas That Aren’t the Least Bit Cheesy

November 05, 2019
Jessica Harrington
By: Jessica Harrington | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
6 Winter Nail Art Ideas That Aren’t the Least Bit Cheesy

Any decision regarding your nails — be it design, shape or nail polish shade — is a hard one to make. During winter, with a surplus of nail art ideas flying around, it only gets more challenging. If you’re not the wear-Christmas-trees-on-your-fingertips type, that doesn’t mean you can’t take part in the nail-art fun. We rounded up six winter nail ideas, from seasonal-inspired gradient color schemes to sparkling star designs, that don’t involve the holidays, ahead.  

Touch of Glitter
The easiest way to dress up a plain manicure is by adding a little sparkle — or if you're like us, a lot. We love this nail art look because it works with any nail polish shade as your base and you can layer gold or silver glitter on top to add a little sparkle. 

Green Linear and Negative Space 
Forest green nail polish is refreshing for winter. Add a little linear and negative-space nail art and you have yourself an understated winter mani.  

Gold Foil
With gold foil nails, you’ll be competing for attention as the most sparkly thing in the room but in a totally chic way. 

Gray Scale
Embrace the gloomy gray skies that come with winter with a gray-toned mani. Wearing a different color on each finger makes it more playful than just a single, flat nail polish shade.

If during the winter, the answer to “What’s your favorite color?” is plaid, this one’s for you. 

Use nail stickers to achieve a holiday-spirited mani like this star look. It’s a step up from regular polish but a bit toned back from a full-on nail-art look. 

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