Aimee Blaut Jul 12, 2012
Aimee Blaut caught up with Parisian-born blogger Natacha Steven in France over the weekend and got her to spill some of her best kept beauty secrets. I call myself a “new New Yorker” because I moved to New York less than a year ago. I am still in the discovery stage. I am so impressed by everything that I see. I started my blog in December because I wanted to share everything that inspires me in my everyday life. I love blogging. It gives me the opportunity to share what I like and for other girls to make it their own. In April I signed a contract with L'Officiel and am working with them on the launch of their new magazine, L'Officiel New Talents, which comes out in September during Paris Fashion Week. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is wash my face with Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths. They always feel very cold and they are self-foaming and you don’t need to rinse them off. They are just amazing. Before I go to bed at night I use the cloths again because they remove makeup. There is also an Oxygen Infusion Night Cream from Skyn Iceland that works great. I have very dry skin and I try to avoid wrinkles so I hydrate as much as I can. I use an essential oil serum from Decléor and follow that up with Clarins HydraQuench Cream. I like to let all of this penetrate, so I will go have breakfast and get dressed. Then I put on a little makeup. I put on Shu Uemura Compact Powder in Pearl because I have such pale skin. Most brands make powder that is too dark for me, but this one helps to even my skin tone. Then I use the Terracotta Bronzing Powder from Guerlain just to have a nice tan. I don’t put anything on my eyelashes. I dye them black to avoid putting on mascara and I get them permanently curled. It lasts for two months. So I just use a little eyeliner on my eyes, and that’s it. I love large, dark eyebrows. When I want a more intense look, I wear brow mascara to darken them. For my lips, I love the lipsticks from MAC and Clarins. I don’t blow-dry my hair. I sleep with it in a braid. I wake up in the morning and it’s perfect. I don’t have to do anything at all! My favorite of all products is Kérastase. I use Bain Satin 1 as a shampoo and Masquintense as a conditioner. What do you love about Natacha's beauty routine?

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