Did you recently have a falling-out with your best friend?

How about a little quarrel with your S.O.?

Or possibly a minor feud with Mother Dearest?

There’s nothing pretty about holding grudges, so whether you’re in a tiff with your BFF for cancelling on you three Fridays in a row or your Mom is feeling hurt because she says you don’t call enough, now is the perfect time to kiss and make up.

National Kiss and Make Up Day is this Thursday—August 25th to be exact—and pulling off the perfect “I’m sorry. Are we cool?” requires some forethought. But worry not, ladies. With a few days left before the official day of reconciliation, you still have time. Start penning your apology letter, and we’ll take care of the logistics.

In true Makeup.com fashion, we’ve partnered with Maybelline and Target to bring you an exclusive promo for our very own version of the holiday: Kiss and Makeup day! Because what better way to set things straight than doing so over a macchiato and mascara? Our favorite mascara for $5? Yes, please!

Save the drama for your lashes, because we’ve got five ways to kiss and make up with your beloveds this week.


Maybelline Mascara Kiss and Makeup


They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but we’d argue the same goes for all humans, including your best friend. Nothing says “I’m sorry” like bottomless mimosas and eggs benny over a long, overdue chat. Sure, your BFF has been known to flake on occasion, but give her another chance by inviting her to brunch on Sunday, followed by a makeup shopping spree. Because making up over makeup is just plain fun.

Whether you’re living in her basement (hey, a girl’s gotta save), the house next door or on opposite coasts, Mom needs to be reminded that she’s loved—often. One of the best ways to do this is with a handwritten letter. That’s right: Go to the post office, buy a stamp, send mom a “Thank You” card and seal it with a real kiss using a jolt of long-lasting color. She’ll be so proud of you for adulting, and you’ll secure your place as her favorite, once again.

There’s no quarrel quite like the one you have with yourself.  If you’re feeling down for eating that entire pint of ice cream, just stop it right there. What’s done is done, and you had a long week. Besides, you earned that cheat day, and every spoonful was worth it.

If you’re not making time for the things that make you happy in life, you need to be #1 on your “Kiss and Make Up” list. Push the reset button this Thursday by drawing a bath

making a hot cup of peppermint tea and taking the time to make your lipstick and lashes look on point, because when you’re feeling good and your mascara is rocking, you can slay all day.

Sometimes we pick fights with our significant others just for the make up session that follows—we’re strange creatures like that. You wanted Thai food; he wanted burgers. To compromise, you ordered Italian, and no one was happy.

In times like these, take heed from the late, great Liz Taylor, and “pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.” Then proceed to peruse Google for a recipe for homemade Asian-fusion burgers. We love win-win situations, especially when they end with a smooch. Just make sure you’re wearing a makeout-proof lippie!


Whether your BFF is your boyfriend, girlfriend, work wife, neighbor, Mom or Pop, brouhahas are bound to happen when you spend a lot of time together.

But like all national holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, your birthday!), Kiss and Make Up Day is nothing more than a reminder to cherish your relationships, give someone a call and make plans to connect—because no one wants to break up with their nearest and dearest. We need each other. And really, any excuse to make up over makeup sounds like a good idea to us.


Is there anyone you need to “Kiss and Make Up” with this week? Share your plans in the comments below! As for us, we’ll be in the
makeup aisle at Target, making amends over Maybelline mascara and lipstick with our besties.

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