Many times, often during the start of a new season or a new chapter in our lives, we find ourselves wanting to change up our look but have no idea where to begin. Switching up your hair color is a great way to get that much-needed change and feel like a whole new woman. While we often opt for a subtle change in color or highlights, it’s good to venture out of your comfort zone and try a shade that you never considered before (but secretly dreamed of trying). We want to encourage you to think outside the beauty box, so we’ve put together some color options that can help make your reinvention a little more exciting -- and a lot more fabulous.


Warm Ombré

The ombré trend is no doubt here to stay. Over the past three years it has completely swept the beauty industry by storm, and has become the must-have color style. Now it’s time to update this look by combining a sun-kissed natural highlight with a warm red base to spice up your look while remaining modern and unique!

Crayon Colors

Every once in a while the beauty industry goes through an artistic phase that includes embracing vibrant colors of the rainbow, and it seems we are smack dab in the middle of that phase. Adding splashes of bright tones like pink, blue and purple to your hair is no longer a luxury designated to punk rocking divas, so why not give it a try? If this colorful concept is making you a bit nervous, we recommend test-driving the look without the commitment. Try L’Oréal Professionnel Hairchalk! Including a variety of colors to choose from, this temporary formula leaves endless opportunities to change it up!

Matte Finish

For years, multi-tonal hair color has been the standard set by the beauty industry. Hair was to be a prism of blended, light-reflecting hues. While that concept is not completely gone, it is beginning to be overshadowed by matte hair color, which is starting to make its way into our hearts, adding a genre of hair color that is waiting to be embraced. Ashy tones lend a clean and refreshing look, and are perfect for a flawless Fall transition

Perfectly Platinum

Do blondes really have more fun? Maybe it’s time to find out! Every woman should go blond at least once in their life, so why not try it today? Recently, we’ve seen an influx of ladies in Hollywood trade their dark, colored hair for flaxen locks. This dramatic reinvention could be the key to tapping into a new you or just a brief dance in someone else’s shoes -- either way we’re sure you’ll feel renewed!

Which color do you dare to try first? Tell us in the comments below.

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