In our book, searching for the right mascara is similar to searching for “that special someone.” You painstakingly suffer the disappointments of picking the wrong formula. You put your heart and your lashes through a rollercoaster ride of emotions, setting high hopes for long, lush lashes and end up with clumpy stubs. As beauty editors, we totally get the struggle. So, when we heard about the new Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara and its promise to create larger-than-life lashes, we had to give it a whirl. Check out what happened when senior editor, Angela Melero, tried on this revolutionary formula!

The Lash Dilemma

“I’m not monogamous when it comes to my mascara,” explains Melero. “I have very real lash needs that need to be addressed: I have decently long lashes, but they stick out at a weird, flat angle. So, if I go without mascara, my eyes look bald and a little bit sad. I’m always searching for the “next big” mascara that’s going to not only lengthen and thicken my lashes, but make them stand up.”

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The Ultimate Mascara Test

“I heard good things about the new Maybelline mascara, but was still a bit skeptical since I’ve been disappointed by mascaras in the past,” says Melero. “When pulling the brush out of the tube, I was surprised at the flexibility of the wand and thickness of the brush itself. After one application (I used my usual wiggle ‘n’ sweep method), I saw a difference in the length and curl of my lashes INSTANTLY. I gave them a couple more swipes, focusing on the mid-to-end sections of the lashes, and literally saw the “push-up” action take effect. Not only did I get a substantial length and curl boost, but my lashes also appeared thicker and more defined — like falsies!  The results were literally like night and day!”

Photo: Maria Speranza

Model: Angela Melero


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