Angela Melero Feb 15, 2017

As much as we LOVE binging on every makeup tutorial on Instagram, applying those pro-looking techniques to our own beauty routines is not as simple as it seems. We all have our own little imperfections and getting a flawless, even complexion often takes more than just swiping a foundation brush across our faces. Sometimes it requires an extra step or two — a proven formula, if you will.

Maybelline Camo Color kit features six hues to correct, conceal and highlight

This is definitely the case when you’re dealing with concealers. Blemishes and imperfections come in all shades, and often require different color-correctors to properly cover them up. That’s why we love one-stop-shop products, like the new Maybelline Facestudio Master Camo Color Correcting Kit, which gives you everything you need all in one package. Your complexion concerns could change on any given day, and this handy little palette — featuring six hues to correct, conceal and highlight — has the shades needed to complete the perfect coverage equation for anything and everything. Keep reading for tips on how to disguise the most common skin issues.

For Redness or Acne: Green Corrector + Light Nude Concealer

If you know anything about color-correcting, you know it mimics that basic color theory you probably learned as a kid. It involves choosing a concealer color that will cancel out the shade of your blemish or skin imperfection. So, when covering up redness from rosacea, acne, etc., a cool-toned green corrector is the way to go. Swipe the correcting color all over the area of concern. Gently pat the product with your finger or makeup sponge so it’s somewhat absorbed into the skin, but still visible. Then, take your light nude concealer and cover the green. Now, you can go to town blending it completely into the skin. Next, apply your foundation and the rest of your face makeup.

For Dark Circles: Yellow Corrector + Tan Concealer

Dark circles typically take on a deep blue or purple shade so, according to the color wheel, a yellow color-corrector is needed to cancel out those shadows. Apply your yellow correcting shade all over the under-eye area, forming an upside-down triangle shape where the point extends to the top of the apples of the cheeks. Then, take your tan concealer and cover the corrected region. Gently buff out until completely blended. Finish up by applying foundation.

For Dark Spots, Dull or Uneven Skin Tone: Orange Concealer + Beige Brightener

Dark spots and dull skin can take on a number of discoloration shades, but typically they’re a light grayish-beige shade. Counteract the dullness with a warm orange concealer. Cover the affected area until it is no longer visible. Then, go over it with a yellow brightener to soften the coverage and make it more compatible with your skin tone. Blend well and apply foundation as usual.

Maybelline Camo Color kit


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