Zachary Morad Sep 7, 2015

Here at MDC, we are lucky enough to have a panel of experts to sound off on those topics that leave the everyday girl scratching her head. Today, for example, we asked hair guru Zachary Morad to give us the scoop on the hairstyle that is slowly taking the lob’s thunder: the shag.

New Shag Hairstyle
Over the past year or so we have seen the doors of our safely enclosed hair world get blown right off, exposing a frontier of technicolor hues and geometric shapes and cuts. This was quite a shock to our system, as we had grown accustomed to a land that was long-ruled by sun-kissed highlights, subtle waves and long layers. Lately, our hair hems have been shortened and we have allowed our inner mermaids to be channeled. And, just when you thought one of our favorite cutting-edge styles — the lob — was here to stay, it has evolved yet again into something new and exciting. Make way for the newest hairstyle on the block.

Hair Recap

Let's review. It’s no secret that long layers have been ditched for something a tad shorter in the past couple years. Blunt, single-lengthed, cuts that hit our collar bones were being sought out more and more, and we soon found ourselves in lob (long bob) territory. The length seemed to hit a sweet spot and proved itself to be versatile enough for anyone to rock!

Now, since the lob has had a year or so to fully settle into our lives, typically this would be the point where the long locks of yesterday would once again become the focus of our beauty desires. But, it appears the chopping trend has not finished its evolution. Make way for "The Shag."

Enter the Season of “The Shag”

Shaggy layers are quickly invading the hair world ... and we surrender! You've probably seen the look on the reigning queens of Hollywood — Demi Lovato, Kylie Jenner and Taylor Swift, to name a few. Cropped cuts with choppy, blunt layers deliver a texture and edginess that is super refreshing. The beauty of these retro ’70s-inspired layers is that they can be worn straight and wavy and still look flawless. And, the metamorphosis of this look hasn't stopped at the chin. This shaggy cut has also transitioned to long hair, giving everyone the opportunity to get on the bandwagon.

Want to make the most of your new textured cut? My favorite way to style it is by adding just a hint of curl at the ends. This gives your tapered tips a little movement and spike! Take a large curling iron (I typically use a 1¼-inch iron, as it gives you the most subtle wave) and wrap two-inch sections of hair around the barrel, away from your face. Make sure to hold the ends with your fingers so they don't get curled. Once you've curled all your hair, allow each section to cool. Spritz your hair with your favorite texturizing spray (try Shu Uemura Texture Wave Dry Finishing Spray), fluff it gently with your fingers, and you're ready to rock! If you’re looking for a little extra edge, take a dime-sized amount of styling wax (like Garnier Fructis Power Putty Fiber Spikes) and work it through the ends of your hair — this will give your ends more of a spiked look!

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About the Author:Zachary is a New York-based hair stylist with an A-list client roster that's included Catherine Zeta-Jones, Janice Dickinson and Nicole Miller (to name a few).

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