Laura Nadeau May 1, 2012
Some women have a signature scent they wear year-round. I prefer to switch up my fragrance like I do my wardrobe—changing it by season. So instead of swapping out your closets this year, why not find a new spring scent to help you transition into the warmer months? To help narrow the search, I reached out to fragrance aficionado Pamela Castillo and beauty blogger Ann Colville Somma for their personal recommendations. Know your notes
  • Pamela loves fragrances that are earthy and refreshing with notes of vetiver, violet, and fig leaf. Her picks: Dyptique Philosykos and Bois d'Iris by The Different Company. For those who can’t live without floral scents, try Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf.
  • Ann's favorites have an earthy, clean, and modern aroma. Her picks: Victoria's Secret Bombshell and Six Scents No 4 Ascent by Rad Hourani.
Tips and tricks
  • The top notes of a fragrance wear off quickly, revealing the long-lasting middle and base notes. When shopping for a fragrance, apply and wait at least 30 minutes before buying.
  • Fragrance wears off within 2-6 hours, so carry a perfume rollerball to reapply.
  • Customize your lotion by adding a drop or two of your favorite scent to it.
Do you have a favorite spring scent?


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