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We here at may talk about beauty for a living, but that doesn't mean we're without our blindspots when it comes to adopting certain tips and trends into our own lives. Be it experimenting with colored eyeliner, mandating weekly exfoliation or finally taking the plunge on getting that pixie cut, there are plenty of beauty ideas worth exploring in 2013. We asked our editors and some of our contributors for their New Year's beauty resolutions, and here are their heartfelt vows. Jennifer Hirshlag, Director of Editorial My guilty pleasure over the last year has been following Ulyana Sergeenko. If I could look every day like I stepped out of the fifties, rifled through a Russian tsarina's jewelry box and then dappled in Grace Kelly's makeup, I would have so much fun indeed. This year I am going to make more of an effort to tap into her distinct, sometimes out-there take on beauty. Christiana Molina, Editor There are a couple beauty treatments I try sporadically that I plan to no longer neglect in 2013—namely teeth whitening and laser hair removal. I have a whole bin of Crest 3D Whitestrips that are slowly collecting dust and a Tria laser that I keep finding excuses not to regularly use. Next year I vow that a blindingly-white-toothed, silky-legged Christiana will finally make her world debut. Karina Giglio of The Daily Muse, Contributor 2013 will be my year of deep conditioning. I'm so hard on my hair, but I never make the time to slather on a weekly treatment. Next year I'm writing it into my schedule as a hair date, complete with plastic cap and blow-dryer heat. Then I can feel less guilty about my daily flat-iron sessions. Brit Morin of Brit + Co., Beauty Squad In 2013 I'm planning to let myself loose on DIY beauty experimentation. Vinegar in my hair, peroxide swishing before bed each night—I plan to try it all! Adina Zilberman of Krasey Beauty, Contributor I do solemnly swear to apply both serum and moisturizer to my aging face every single evening. I also vow to wear more bold lip looks, which fit perfectly with my shiny new bangs. Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam, Contributor  I want to get back on the old exercise wagon after a solid year of abstinence following my son's birth. Fortunately, I have a stockpile of gossip magazines to help me through my extremely rigorous 15-minute elliptical routine. Lauren Cosenza of Divalicious, Beauty Squad In 2013 I plan to lash out! Whether it's individual clusters or full strip falsies, I find when I throw on lashes it's insta-glamour. Grace Gold of Grace Gold, Contributor I will FINALLY learn that my makeup brushes aren't going to wash themselves, and will implement a Sunday night cleansing routine to keep my precious darlings in tip-top shape. Aimee Blaut of The Formula, Contributor It’s so hard to part with my tresses. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I haven’t had a real trim in years. There is major separation anxiety going on there, but 2013 is all about healthy hair. Goodbye split ends. Julia Coney of All About the Pretty, Beauty Squad I have two resolutions. First, I resolve to exfoliate my face twice a week. My face is quick to get super dry patches and scrubbing always does the trick. Second, my cuticles are constantly in need of some TLC and I resolve to add cuticle oil to my nightly hand cream routine. Karie Frost of Fear No Beauty, Contributor For 2013 I'm looking to sharpen my dexterity with a nail striper. When I was little, I prided myself on being somewhat ambidextrous, but I've since lost that skill. I'm ready to put in the practice with both hands so that I can rock self-painted nail art that looks more Monet than mediocre. Simcha Whitehill of Get Nailed With Miss Pop, Contributor I’ve always been a cat-eye kind of girl. But next year, I’m going to switch things up. 2013 is going to be the year of the smoldering smoky eye for me. Jane Marie of The Hairpin, Beauty Squad I turn 35 two months into 2013, which isn't really that big of a deal, but gives me an excuse for a "Major Beauty Life Change." I think this year I'm going to focus on skin care rather than skin cover—get some fancy facials and peels, ramp up my serum/moisturizer game and stay out of the sun. I'm ready to become one of those older women who has an age-defying secret like slapping my face for five minutes each morning, or something less scary. I'll let you know when I come up with it. Kristen Oldham Giordani of Beauty Editor On Call, Contributor I'm going to finally get back to doing the skin care routine (cleanse, exfoliate, treat—and repeat) I was religious about before I had my baby six months ago. I've got to ditch these blackheads, fine lines and visible pores before they get the better of me. I don't want to be a haggard-looking mom—even if I feel like one. Tell us—what's your beauty resolution for 2013?

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