There’s an art to creating that highly coveted fresh, “no-makeup”, flawless face, but there’s also a science. Here at MDC, we’re armed with makeup application tricks galore, but as self-proclaimed beauty geeks, we also wanted to take a closer look at the science behind our newest complexion obsession, L'Oréal Magic Nude Liquid Powder. So we dug out our test tubes from middle school lab, and performed a little experiment (if only we could’ve done this in the eighth grade instead of fast plants…) to discover first hand exactly what makes this formula so unique. 
l'oreal magic nude liquid powder 
The first rule to an effortless beauty look is to create a weightless, natural finish. Just how lightweight do you have to get to produce that no-makeup effect? We decided to find out:

l'oreal magic nude liquid powder
While the average foundation sinks in water (and into our pores), L'Oréal Magic Nude floats to the top of our test tube. In beauty terms, that means this lighter-than-water product sits on top of skin, giving an airbrushed finish without sinking into fine lines, wrinkles, or accentuating any imperfections.

In addition to being super lightweight, L'Oréal Magic Nude Liquid Powder foundation also applies like a liquid, yet quickly smooths down to a powder. The revolutionary encapsulation technology allows for the liquid portion to flash off upon blending, leaving behind pure color (read: coverage) and a velvety soft powder finish (to keep you looking fresh all day). The liquid to powder transformation begins when you shake the bottle but the magic really happens as the product comes into contact with skin. The foundation changes state right in between your fingers from a thin liquid to a silky powder—leaving a flawless, yet bare-skin finish.

The result? An effortlessly flawless look while feeling like you’re wearing no makeup at all—now that’s what we call magic.

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