Some New Year’s resolutions are put into place only to be broken within a matter of weeks. It can be tough making big changes once life gets in the way! Instead of putting pressure on yourself and making HUGE resolutions like say, becoming a billionaire this year (#goals) or cutting out ALL junk food (as if!), start by doing things that will improve your day-to-day life like these small saviors …

More Time: Doing Your Own Nails

Less Time: Going to the Salon

We’re not saying that you should never get your nails done. There’s nothing quite like getting a professional cuticle cleaning while bonding with your besties, but opting out of this regular splurge can end up saving you plenty of dough in the long run. And with so many at-home nail care kits like The Body Shop Almond Handy Manicure Set and polish colors, you can become a pro a painting your own nails! If you’ve got the shaky, trembling hands try forgiving shades like light pinks and nudes (they elongate your fingers) or go for some fun nails stickers like essie sleek sticks. Speaking of saving …

More Time: Saving Up for Important Things

Less Time: Shopping For Things You Don’t Need

While being an adult has its perks, the perils of having to be responsible and save now come into play. When you’re in your 20s and 30s, you mistake your credit card for a golden ticket that allows you to purchase anything and everything … even if you can’t really afford it. So, that super expensive bracelet or pair of shoes you saw can wait. Time to start budgeting because wouldn’t you rather go on a fab trip somewhere sunny or save up for that loft you’ve been dreaming of?

More Time: Getting Beauty Sleep

Less Time: Partying All Night

Beauty sleep is the key to great skin and a healthy body. Both of those sound like winners! Your partying days may not be completely over, but opting to stay in or grab an early dinner with friends can potentially save your skin and your wallet. We’re not trying to be grandmas here, but a reasonable bedtime will banish those puffy under eye bags and dark circles that you can’t help but stare at. Hey, anything that helps our concealer last longer!

More Time: Becoming a Morning Person

Less Time: Rushing Through Your AM Routine

Becoming a morning person ain’t easy, are we right? But rushing through your morning routine could mean that you’re cutting corners in several aspects of your life. For one, you’re not getting enough sleep (as noted above!), you’re probably rushing through your makeup application and we’re sure you’re not eating a healthy breakfast! Try setting your alarm a bit earlier each morning so that you have time to perfect your cat eye, eat a hearty morning meal and pack a delicious lunch! Because we could all use a break from the daily take-out. 

More Time: Doing!

Less Time: Stressing and Obsessing

Should you call him? Should you book that trip? Should you ask for that raise? Stop stressing about the shoulda, coulda, woulda and just go for it! Although we suggest being a little more prepared if you’re going to ask for more moola, of course! What’s the worst that could happen? Yolo, ladies. Plus, stress means frowning and frowning equals wrinkles …. and to that we say, no thanks!

More Time: Trying New Looks

Less Time: Being Stuck is a Beauty Rut

A new year means a new look! Your simple yet stunning everyday makeup is superb, but why not try something different every once in a while? If you typically like a nude lip or think cherry chapstick counts as a lipstick color, then it’s time to pick up a tube of Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy in Scarlatto. If you already love red lipstick, try a darker shade for a change and forget the pony, it’s time for some new foolproof hairdos that you can perfect in minutes!

More Time: Taking Care of Skin

Less Time: Continuing Your Bad Habits

Seriously, stop the picking! Lashes, lips, pimples, mascara … cut it out! Biting your nails, not wearing sunscreen, not washing off your makeup at night, these bad beauty habits are a BIG no-no! Keep your hands busy by texting said guy mentioned earlier and start taking better care of your face and body by exfoliating regularly, applying an SPF daily like L’Oréal Paris Perfect Glow Renewal SPF 30 Lotion and follow a proper routine to get the (head-to-toe) skin you’ve always dreamed of!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Tell us about them in the comments!


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