Jun 1, 2016

Your eyebrows could use some mascara. No, really.

Think about the dramatic transformation that comes from just one or two swipes of the stuff on your lashes. Wouldn’t you want to mimic that magical effect on your brows, if given the chance? NYX Cosmetics understands our obsession with all things brows (seriously, we even examined their relation to our personalities, because why not?), so they sent us the Tinted Brow Mascara to test and this is what we our eyebrows had to say.

eyebrow mascara

It Literally Does All the Work for You

While we’re still waiting for the day eyebrows can fill themselves in, this brow mascara takes on the job of several products to make life a little easier. It sets, tames and tints all at once, so you won’t spend your entire morning getting your brows to reach “on-point’ status. And since the gel is formulated to leave brows looking soft and natural, you can say goodbye to “crunchy” eyebrows for good.

It’s Dummy-Proof

Er, we mean, newbie-friendly. If you’re a brow rookie and don’t know a single thing about shaping, wax formulas, pencils or powders, this is the product for you. This mascara makes grooming an absolute cinch, as all you do is swipe a layer or two of the foolproof, tinted formula along your brows and — boom — that’s it. You’re done. Now you’ve got more time to strut your stuff and show off those killer brows!



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