Every so often (and luckily, quite often) we’re gifted with a new lipstick collection. To accurately sum up this feeling, picture getting your latest online makeup haul delivered to you EARLY. Like, next day early! So, you can only imagine how the lipstick lovers of Makeup.com reacted when a full-on spring lipstick STASH showed up on our doorstep, courtesy of NYX Cosmetics. After some digging — and lots of swatching and swiping, because research — we unanimously agreed that everyone needs these ~amped up~ spring lippies!  

best spring lipstick

The Color Options Are Endless 

We recently divulged how deep our love of matte lipstick really runs, and the NYX Full Throttle Lipstick collection is no exception. From the hot pink “Lethal Kiss” and bright orange “Jolt” to the blackish-purple “Night Crawler” (because some of us like to channel fall colors all year round), these super-saturated colors reflect any and all of your spring styles and moods!

It Has Major Multi-Tasking Abilities

Full Throttle is no ordinary lip product, nor is it shaped like your average lipstick. It features a unique bullet shape with a beveled edge for lining and filling in lips, making it the perfect twofer. And because it’s waterproof, we think it’s safe to assume that it’s also date-night and Cabernet-proof. Care to test it out and let us know? Wink, wink.

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