Since we’re active Ulta shoppers with little self-restraint, any news about free makeup makes our day, our week and our year. We’re always committed to claiming our annual birthday beauty freebies and we’re currently mourning the loss of our free Sephora face mask that came and went all too soon. But to restock and refresh our beauty hoard, there’s a new free product that you’ll be able to get your hands on tomorrow (if you act fast). Behold, the mascara that’s boldly named Worth the Hype for the way it makes your lashes look fuller and longer.

To celebrate the new mascara launch, NYX Professional Makeup will be hosting their first ever trade in event tomorrow, February 3. Simply bring in any tube of mascara that you’re done with (yup, doesn’t even need to be NYX!) and you’ll be able to swap it out with the brand new Worth the Hype for free. If you have an old tube of mascara hanging around that’s dried out, crusty and sad, then this is a prime opportunity for you. The only catch is that you’ll have to be one of the first 100 customers of the day, which is totally doable if you’re willing to sacrifice beauty sleep to benefit your makeup routine.

Find a full list of NYX Professional Makeup locations here.

QUIT FAKIN’ IT ⚡️💖👀 Trade in your falsies for our NEW Worth The Hype Mascara. This mascara creates fuller, longer-looking lashes for a truly gorgeous gaze. What are you waiting for?? Snag yours today at @ultabeauty, it’s definitely worth the hype 😉🎀 Cred: @bootsuk || #nyxprofessionalmakeup #nyxcosmetics

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