Diana Crisan Apr 4, 2016

We totally get the hesitation of applying oil to your skin in the form of foundation: a product that you specifically wear to cover imperfections and control oil-production. But, after reaping the benefits of other oil-based formulas (like cleansing oils), we decided to put on a brave face once again. In fact, after Giorgio Armani sent us these to test, we’re still not over how much our skin looks like … well, skin! And while matte makeup will always have a place in our hearts, find out why these skincare oils infused with pure pigments are ~literally~ taking over our faces.

Oil Infused Foundation

They Provide a Natural, Sheer Glow

Raise your hand if you wish you could streamline your beauty routine? If your daily makeup kit consists of illuminating primers, dewy foundations, powder pearls and highlighters, we think it’s safe to say you’re pretty obsessed with strobing. What if we told you that you could land a naturally dewy and luminous look with just one product instead? And not just one product, but very little of that one product.

Bi-phase, oil-infused foundations like Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow contain skin-loving oils that leave your complexion with an all-day lasting glow. G-L-O-W — not grease! Because hey, even girls with oily complexions want to revel in the spring/summer trend of dewy skin!

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It Feels Like You’re Wearing Nothing

Since these oils are infused with ultra-fine pigments, each drop fuses with your skin to deliver the thinnest color film. The outcome? A perfectly blended finish, every time. This is why the Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation is pretty much the holy grail of all foundations. Skin is left with a balance between a matte and luminous finish for a comfortable and natural feel. Don’t be surprised if everyone starts asking what your skincare routine is!   



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