Caitlin Larwood Jul 23, 2013
olivia munn interview It isn’t often a crowd gets to experience a celebrity’s hidden talent, but at the L’Oréal USA Women in Digital NEXT Generation Awards event last Wednesday, July 17, Olivia Munn beatboxed. This enjoyable moment for the audience really captured her personality—and her message to all of the women in the crowd: Be yourself and be bold. And in her case, don’t afraid to be “geek chic.” Olivia presented awards to three female entrepreneurs that were “changing the game” as she described it in the digital space. We caught up with Olivia on the red carpet for a makeup minute. Who is your beauty icon? There weren’t many brunettes in the beauty world when I was growing up, so I remember the first time I saw Natalie Wood—I thought she was just so beautiful. Also, Rita Hayworth (most people didn’t know she was Latina) just had a unique beauty. When I think back on really beautiful women they come to mind. What is your must have beauty product right now? Lately it is a lip balm from The Body Shop: Dragon Fruit Lip Butter. It is creamy, and goes on so easy. And it tastes good. Lately it’s been so hot shooting in NYC—I feel my lips constantly need to be hydrated. How would you describe Sloan’s beauty style in ‘The Newsroom’ versus yours in real life? On ‘The Newsroom,’ Sloan does as little as she has to do. When she goes on camera she does just the bare minimum. In real life I’ve learned over the years to love to play with colors and makeup. Sloan doesn’t look at makeup in a fun way. Being on-camera on the news every day, she looks at makeup as a necessity versus in my day to day life it is enjoyable. Photo: L'Oréal USA


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