ggold Oct 30, 2012
Each week our no-holds-barred contributor Grace Gold picks apart a hot beauty topic. It’s our version of an op-ed—with hair, eyeliner and lipstick. No matter how healthy a person's relationship with the perfect beauty images they see when flipping through glossy magazines or clicking around on Pinterest, every once in a while that feeling of inadequacy can sneak up on even the most confident among us. Cindy Crawford even once famously said—no doubt in reference to some of the smoke and mirrors surrounding the supermodel's work—"I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford!" So when I came across a video titled "On Real Beauty" that features a feel-good slideshow of women of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds showing off radiant smiles—and pores, lines, freckles and frizz in all their charming glory—I couldn't help but feel a comforting bear hug reach out to me through my computer screen. The lessons interspersed between the photos—messages like "Remember there are differences, but there are no flaws" and "Express yourself often, kindly and without apology"—only served to further that sentiment. What's most endearing about the video is how incredibly comfortable these women are in their skin. It's a reminder that whether we're wearing gym clothes or a silk blouse, a minimal face or smoky eyes done up to the nines, we are all gorgeous beings who should relax and own whatever look we choose for ourselves on any given day. One of my favorite lessons from the piece is, "There's only one fashion rule: if it makes you feel awesome, wear it." The mantra translates seamlessly to the world of beauty, where perceived rules can very literally keep you coloring within the lines. "On Real Beauty" reminds us that the main guiding principle that should matter is doing what you wish, and accepting the prerogative of others to do the same. In the end, confidence in your own skin and the unconditional acceptance of others are two of the most truly beautiful traits of all.




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