Diana Crisan Feb 4, 2015

You’ve got your hair up in a sleek wrapped pony and now you just need a single bobby pin to hold the wrapped portion in place. We know what you’re thinking — where in the world are the millions of bobby pins you purchased? And why is it so hard to find any hair accessories when you need them? The key to this hair conundrum is the (fun!) method of organization. Forget stuffing everything into one box and try these out-of-the-box storage options instead … your bobbies and hair ties will never go MIA again!

hair accessories
1. Necktie

A tie is the perfect hanging device for hair clips! Just tie and hang one anywhere (wall, bedpost, door handle, closet), or place several of them on a coat hanger and attach all of your clips and pretty pins to it for easy (and unique!) storage. Go for colorful and funky designs to add an extra pop of pizzazz to your room!

2. Shoe Caddy 

Those clear plastic shoe caddies that hang on the back of your bedroom door are ideal for storing collections of clips, hairbands, headwraps, scrunchies and more! Just designate a pocket to each type of hair accessory and you’ll be able to see… and more importantly, FIND whatever you need, whenever you need it.

3. A Bottle of Hairspray

What better than to use a hair product as storage for your hair ties? You know you have at least one bottle of L’Oréal Paris Elnett Hairspray sitting around, so just store your hair ties around the base of the bottle. They fit perfectly!

4. Craft Box

With TONS of little compartments, you can neatly organize all of your hair accessories. It’s like a tiny suitcase for your hair stuff!

5. Magnet

This one goes out to all you bobby pin hoarders that can still never seem to find one in your messy junk drawer. Just attach a sticky magnet strip to the inside of your makeup drawer and place all of your pins up against it!

6. Muffin Tin

Yeah, you read that right! There are super cute (and pink!) rubber muffin tins that you can use as drawer organizers — with flare!   

7. Mason Jar

Stash your hair brushes in these versatile jars and leave them as-is OR you can paint them, get chalk labels, wrap lace or ribbon around them and even create wire handles and hang them on a crafty coat hanger!


What are some neat ways YOU organize your hair accessories? Share in the comments below!


About the Author:Diana creates on-trend beauty content for Makeup.com readers. She stays up-to-date on the latest beauty news and product launches and tests every makeup item that comes through the door. As an employee of L’Oréal, Diana writes stories about beauty products across the entire brand portfolio.

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