Just. One. More. Hair. The problem with an internal monologue like this scrolling through your head while you sit up against a mirror, your tweezers in hand is that it’s never just one more hair. More often than not, getting that last little stray results in the discovery of one more last little stray and so on and so forth. It’s OK — we’ve all been there. But just what’s a girl to do when she steps back from the mirror to see a substantial chunk missing from her once-bushy brow? Don’t resort to living in your oversized sunnies just yet. We’ve got the solutions to the No. 1 eyebrow faux pas. over tweezing eyebrows

Solution #1: The Dye Job

Pencil in an appointment with a trusted eyebrow professional to tint your brows. The tint will enhance all the tiny light hairs that you can hardly see. The difference may be subtle, but even slightly darker brows will add to the appearance of fullness.  

Solution #2: The Eyebrow Comb-Over

Yep. The good ole comb-over works for eyebrows too. Use a spoolie to brush the hairs over the sparse area and keep them in place with brow gel, like Lancôme Modéle Sourcils Brow Groomer. The trick is to resist the urge to go all-out with your comb-over. Don’t try to disguise the whole area, just aim to lessen damage.  

Solution #3: Strategic Shaping

We’ll always advocate for well-filled-in brows, but now more than ever it’s important to utilize your best technique. That means you’ll need a stiff angled brush or small precision eyeliner brush and two different colors of brow powder (the Urban Decay Brow Box is perfect for this). Alternate between the two colors, using short, hair-like strokes.   For best results, try all three solutions. And if all else fails, do as the resourceful beauty girls do and distract ’em with a bold lip.   OK, spill. Have you ever gone too far when shaping your eyebrows? What did you do? Tell us below.   Photos: thinkstock

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