There are some beauty looks that stand the test of time. True classics—think red lips, sheer nail polish and a neutral eye—feel right no matter the season or decade. Other looks pop up like Hanson, and "MMMBop!" their ways into our hearts for a month or six and then are regarded years later with nostalgia (and maybe a hint of regret). Below is a roundup of hair and makeup trends that have become so crazily popular over the past few months that we're almost ready to send them packing. Almost. Because as overdone as these looks are, they've been hanging around for a reason. But with a couple of quick updates, they can have a new lease on life. At least until Labor Day! The Topknot I have a confession to make. I am a total topknot addict. I can’t help it. Topknots are easy, chic, get my locks out of my face and away from my son’s paws, and are a fantastic day-to-night hair solution. But lately it seems like everyone from Miley Cyrus and Julianne Hough to each fashion blogger on the planet has a topknot in rotation, and the look is getting a little too ubiquitous to truly feel fashion-forward. This, let me emphasize, does not mean that I’m abandoning my go-to do anytime soon. Fashion-forward is not really my deal. I am merely admitting that the topknot may be a wee bit overcooked trend-wise. If you’re equally entranced by the style but are looking for a simple update, retire those messy topknots we've been seeing these past few months. And instead try going for a neater chignon twist or giving your look a special-occasion flavor by mixing in a braid or two. Nail Art I like bright and sparkly tips as much as the next girl, but let's get real. When sprinkles—like the ones you put on cupcakes—start being perceived as a totally acceptable addition to one’s beauty cabinet, you know that somewhere, somehow, a shark has been jumped. I mean, have you taken a look at Pinterest lately? Everything from neon rainbows to miniature tuxedos and the aforementioned baking products can be found adorning nails. Nail art is a fun way to play with color and pattern, but honestly? I'm over it. Summer beauty is all about chilling out and embracing a chip or two and these high-maintenance hands go extremely poorly with the sun and surf. What feels fresher this summer: a great manicure in a simple solo color. I myself have been loving barely there sheers and glossy black polishes. Ombré Hair Everyone couldn't get enough of this multitone effect, with dark roots fading out to light tips, when it first hit the beauty scene. But now it looks more dated than daring. Still, any look that Alexa Chung rocks probably deserves a second go-around. If you still want to give ombré hair a try (or, like me, are super lazy about your roots), try asking your colorist to weave in some lowlights and highlights to soften the overall effect. Überbrights The neon eyes and lips trend popped up last summer, and is still going strong on the runways. Flourescent liner and eyeshadow is one look I’m happy to abandon for the time being. I mean, really, acidic pink eyeshadow is a gorgeous look on exactly no one! But I continue to love brightly colored lipstick, especially acid tangerine or watermelon red hues. To make this beauty trend feel brand new, try switching up the texture. Go for either a matte lipstick or a high-gloss pencil. And pat on the color with a fingertip, skipping the liner, so that the look is easy, breezy and totally beachy. Major False Lashes Lately it seems like celebrities’ lashes are growing more thicker, longer and dramatic by the day, but I think it's just a simple fact that anything the Kardashians do can now be considered overdone. Out-to-there lashes used to look sexy and wild, but now they just feel a bit like yesterday's news. Plus, when the beach is beckoning, who has time to mess around in front of the mirror with tweezers and glue? Still, there are some occasions that simply demand a little lash-batting. If an over-the-top, big-evening-out eye is what you’re after, try this trick for a slightly more natural look. Buy inexpensive drugstore strips and then cut them in half, affixing the half-strips to the outer corners of your eyes before blending with mascara. Highlighter at the Inner Corners of the Eyes OK. This thing. It’s a good idea in theory, but in truth? When I see someone with gold or silver sprinkled on the inner corners of her eyes I don’t think, “Oh, how lovely and large that girl’s eyes look.” I think, “Oh, that girl put highlighter at the inner corners of her eyes to make them look bigger.” The way to solve this problem: lighten up your touch. NARS’ chunky highlighter pencils deposit a minimal amount of shimmer, so your beautiful eyes catch the light without catching any unwanted judgment. What trend do you think needs an update?

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