Deven Hopp Aug 23, 2013
If you’re anything like us, by the end of the week, your hair has seen its fair share of top knots, socks buns and basic ponytails. Once Friday night rolls around, your tresses (and underused styling tools) yearn for something new. Long and flowing or short and sweet–no matter the length of your locks, we searched high and low to bring you hairspiration worthy of the eventful evenings ahead.

Shoulder Length and Long Hair

Double Fishtail Braid

how to fishtail braid A fishtail braid on a Saturday night? Make ours a double. Just braid as you normally would, once you get about halfway down halfway down tie it off, and start again. But to turn heads at your next soiree, clip in a colored hair extension before you start braiding.
  1. Clip in the colored hair extension at about ear level.
  2. Gather all hair to one side and separate it into two equal sections.
  3. Use your index fingers to pull out a half-inch section of hair from the area near the base of your ear on the right section of your head. Cross it over the right section and under the left section.
  4. Repeat with a half-inch piece pulled from the outside of the left section, crossing it over to the right, letting each section fall into the center.
  5. Keep alternating, weaving over and through the middle until you're about halfway down the length of your hair. Then tie it off and start braiding again until you run out of hair.

Bodified Blowout

A well-executed blowout with lift at the roots and fullness at the ends will always be a do. The bigger the volume the better the night!

Curly Side Ponytail

Think a pony is so not party worthy? Think again. When it’s twisted and curled, a side ponytail is the perfect way to add flare to any flirty frock.

Short Hair

Edgy Pixie

Sleek and smooth is great for daytime, but for your next bash, go bold with a structured pixie.

Short Relaxed Texture

Short hair offers ample opportunity to play with texture. Shake things up with these (super easy) loose finger waves. (No curling iron required!)

What’s your go-to party ‘do? Let us know in the comments. Photos: Dan Wolner for


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