We love a good party. Any event where we get to get all gussied up is A-OK with us! As die-hard makeup lovers, we also love party makeup, especially lipstick. While you’re perfecting your party-ready red lip, make sure to practice these key lipstick tricks. They’ll ensure your shade doesn’t stray onto collars, wine glasses — or worse — your teeth!

party lipstick trick

Your Kiss Is On My List

Kisses are meant for lips and cheeks — not clothing. To avoid staining collars, seal your lipstick with a matte powder like NYX Cosmetics Blotting Powder or a powder blush in a shade similar to your lipstick. Both will mattify and reduce moisture, preventing your lips from smudging onto others' clothes.

Drink Up

Think there’s no avoiding lipstick marks on your wine or water glass? Not true! When no one is looking, try this trick: Lick the rim of your drinking glass before taking your first sip. Your saliva will act as a barrier and prevent the lipstick from coming off on the glass.

Say Cheese!

It's so embarrassing to flash a smile and reveal a mouth full of lipstick-smeared teethLip gloss lovers are especially in danger of this faux pas. Prevent it by putting your (clean!) index finger in your mouth, closing your lips around it and sliding it out. This removes any color that may be on the inside of your lips and in danger of slipping onto your pearly whites.

What’s your favorite holiday makeup trick? Let us know in the comments!

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