Adina Zilberman Mar 20, 2012
Spring has sprung! To celebrate, don a pale pastel eyeshadow today. Your peepers will thank you—wearing light-reflecting shades (think strawberry sorbet and Peeps yellow) makes eyes appear wider and brighter. Here's how to pick and apply your perfect pastel. Pick your shade First, decide whether your skin is cool-toned (pink/blue), or warm-toned (olive/golden), and go with the colors most similar to your own tone. For example, if you are warm, go with pale yellow or soft orange, and if you are cool, go with pastel pink, or a robin’s egg blue. Apply it like a pro This is an important one, folks. If they aren’t balanced with at least one deeper color, pale pastels have a bad habit of washing out even the most robust of complexions. For example, if you are going with pale yellow and green on your lids, make sure you apply liner to define your eyes. Or, softly blend a deep grey/black shadow into the crease to add instant depth. Same goes with cool colors, always balance them with something dark!


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