Nail art, we can’t get enough of it. The feeling of looking down at your nails in utter shock that you created the beauty that lies at the end of each finger. The ease of completing a nail tutorial that looks incredibly difficult, but only took a matter of minutes to complete. It’s no surprise that we love everything there is about nail art – the bold, the subtle, the barely there and the classics. But every once in awhile a manicure comes along that is out of this world, and for us, that’s the pastel galaxy manicure. Yes, a regular galaxy manicure (that looks like the night’s sky and gets us one step closer to a nebula) is stunning, but when the seasons start to change and we want something a bit more flirty, we imagine what the Milky Way and beyond would look like if it was housed in a powder blue sky like the one in our atmosphere. That’s when our imagination takes over, we tear up some makeup sponges, grab a dotting tool and a little glitter and get to work. It’s your turn to bring a dreamy bit of outer space to your nails... galaxy manicure tutorial Supplies essie Find Me an Oasis Lancôme Vernis in Love in Ultramarine essie Meet Me at The Alter Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer in Coral Crush L’Oréal Colour Riche Nail in Sugary Sweet NCLA Tennis Anyone? essie Blanc Servin’ up Sparkle by OPI Makeup sponge Dotting tool   Directions
  1. Apply two coats of a light sky blue nail polish. This will be the base for your galaxy.
  2. Tear off a small piece of your makeup sponge. Dip the corner of the sponge into a darker blue shade and dab the polish across each nail. Dab continually to thin the lacquer out and allow it to almost blend into the lighter blue base.
  3. Continue this process with a light purple shade, layering it over some of the darker blue and a little on the light blue.
  4. Next, with a different part of the sponge, dab the coral hue on the nail. Since this shade is a bit darker, it should be used as an accent color. Dab a little over the center of the light purple and then sparsely place some around the edges of the nail.
  5. Continue with a yellow polish, this will create the vibrant contrasts you see in images of the galaxy. Dab the yellow along the edges of where some of the colors meet or the outer ring of your darker blue.
  6. Once your layers have dried, using a dotting tool with a fine tip, place small white dots sporadically on each nail. These will represent stars. You don’t need to apply many because the next step will also create the illusion of stars on your tips.
  7. Swipe a coat of holographic glitter nail polish across the nail. This should spread little glitters and bigger hexagonal glitters on the nail to create more dimension to your finished look. Once dry, apply top coat and your nebula-packed galaxy is complete!
  What other shades would you incorporate into your galaxy manicure? Share with us below!


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