If you’ve ever mixed a floral skirt with a polka-dotted top, you know that unlikely combinations can yield beautiful results. While pinstripes may have first come onto the scene in the form of stuffy office attire, it seems they are better suited for the sunny days of spring. Of course, the pastel-on-pastel trend pretty much can’t be overdone this time of year, so combine a color like mint with pink pinstripes and you’re on par with statement pieces like pastel pants and hair chalk — with a decidedly smaller commitment. pastel pinstripe nails




  1. Apply the base coat then apply two coats of your favorite pastel polish. Let dry thoroughly.
  2. Starting on the far side of your nail, use the striper to paint thin lines from the base to tip. If you don’t have a striper, a small paintbrush and a steady hand will do the job.
  3. Allow the lacquer to dry, then polish your pinstripes with a swipe of top coat.
  What’s your favorite way to wear pastels? Share how you’re rocking pastel in your beauty routine this spring.

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