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You don’t have to go under the scalpel to nix wrinkles, bags, or crow’s feet. You do have to be a touch savvier in your day-to-day life. Here are five simple tweaks to keep you looking younger, more refreshed—and far, far away from the plastic surgeon. Get your eyes examined Squinting your eyes when you can’t see causes you to furrow your brow, leaving behind deep lines over time. Have your vision tested often to prevent unnecessary strain. Try a satin pillowcase—and toss and turn often “As you age, the collagen in your face doesn’t spring back as quickly as it does in younger years,” says New York City plastic surgeon Norman Rowe. A satin pillowcase will be more gentle on your skin—but consciously trying to fall asleep facing in alternate directions each night may also be beneficial. Drink (water) heavily “When your skin dries out, wrinkles are accentuated,” says Rowe. Be ruthless about drinking enough water—the Mayo Clinic suggests about two liters each day, or eight eight-ounce glasses. Your skin will thank you (and your bladder will get used to it.) Fill ‘er up Makeup artist Rachel Goodwin, who works with January Jones and Lea Michele, loves disguising fine lines around the eyes with lush serums. (Her favorite is Clarins Instant Smooth Line Perfecting Concentrate, but a gentle primer will have the same effect.) “The tiniest bit dabbed under the eyes fills lines and creates a smooth base for concealer,” she says. Shield the sun Putting sunscreen near your eyes is about as appealing as using Tabasco sauce as a daily moisturizer. But it’s also one of the single most effective ways to prevent wrinkles from forming. Invest in a specially formulated lotion—physical blockers are less irritating than chemical sunscreens—and apply it daily. And embrace the giant sunglasses trend. They’ll filter out tons of damaging rays. What do you do when you wake up with puffy eyes?


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