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We’ve seen a lot of unique things when it comes to eyeshadow palettes: a pizza-inspired palette fulfilling the dreams of carb lovers everywhere, a soda pop-scented palette to get you in the mood for a root beer float, and of course, the Olive Garden eyeshadow palette that nearly broke the Internet. Now, Australian beauty brand BYS Cosmetics just announced the release of a Picklelicious Eyeshadow Palette, an eight-pan palette that contains pickle-inspired shades and smells like them, too. Have a lot of feelings? We do, too.

If you’re feelings are that of excitement or curiosity, we’re unfortunately going to squash your pickle-eyeshadow-palette dreams. After posting a photo of the Picklelicious Eyeshadow Palette on its feed, BYS Cosmetics put up a series of Instagram stories explaining how it’s actually an April Fools joke (insert disappointed sigh here). They included a slide asking who would actually buy the palette and unsurprisingly, the majority of voters actually want to get their hands on the palette. In their defense, few green eyeshadow palettes exist, and have you seen how cute that itty bitty smiling pickle is on the front of the palette?

Maybe, just maybe, BYS Cosmetics will change its mind and bring the palette to life because according to the Instagram comments, the people really want it. “Idc if this is an April Fools joke, I would 100% buy this! I've been looking for a nice all green palette for so long and I fricken love pickles,” writes one commenter. Another Instagram user writes, “You guys need to actually make this palette. Minus the pickle scent.” Pickle fanatics (and green eyeshadow enthusiasts), cross your fingers, and BYS Cosmetics, give the people what they want.

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