It’s true; we have a long-standing love affair with the color pink. Our first tutu was a pale shade of blush and we’re only mildly embarrassed to say our last Prom dress came very close to the hot pink variety. It’s the color that used to cover the walls in our childhood bedrooms and now litters the inside of our cosmetic bags. Yes, it’s a color that has been there for us time after time. Even if you’re not a self-proclaimed “pink girl,” you can still appreciate a dose of the lovely hue this time of year. The wonderful world of pink has something to offer for everyone… pink products

1. It can make you look more awake.

As night owls with day jobs that don’t allow for much of a leisurely wake up call, we’re forever in search of a solution for tired eyes. Turns out the best answer can be summed up in a word: pink. A light shade of pink is the highlight color of choice when it comes to opening up the eyes. Apply a small amount of Yves Saint Laurent Teint Parfait in Rose Pearl to the inner corners of the eyes and blend out for wide-awake eyes.  

2. It can make you look more alive.

In the dead of winter, we all need a little rouge on our cheeks. Pink brightens up the face and just so happens to be a universally flattering hue. Another bonus of pink blush: rosy cheeks are also a sign of youth. Try Lancôme Blush Subtil Palette in Shimmer Menage a Trois Flush to impart the fresh, youthful glow you never thought was possible in February.  

3. It can make you want to send out a good old-fashioned Valentine.

Perhaps for you the thrill of Valentine’s Day ended when February 14th no longer signified a day when you get candy in school, but you have to admit that a shelf full of pretty pink cards can be hard to resist. And in this day and age of e-cards, there’s something special about sending mail that actually requires postage. Sugar Paper’s Lots of Love Heart will have you reaching for the pen and feeling all nostalgic.  

4. It can make your workout more fun.

Well, maybe not more fun, but at the very least more stylish. Those beat up old sneakers are hardly doing anything to motivate you on that five-mile run you’ve been talking about for weeks now. A cheery pink new pair of Nike Air Pegasus+ 30s could be just the push you need to pull you away from The Real Housewives and hit the pavement.  

5. It can make you smile wider.

A poppy pink lipstick has the ability to brighten even the dullest day. Consider it the beauty girl’s version of Prozac—wearing a bright lipstick makes it impossible not to smile. Even on no-makeup days, one swipe of Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Obsessed will make you feel fabulous; it’s just the vibrant baby pink your lips have been yearning for.   What’s your favorite shade of pink to wear? Tell us below!   Photos: Urban Decay, Nike, Yves Saint Laurent, Lancôme, Sugar Paper

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