Kristen Oldham Nov 26, 2012
If you can't get enough of Pinterest and wish you had more time to find the best beauty looks on the photo-sharing site, this column is for you. Each week we highlight a coveted hairstyle, makeup technique or nail design with a popular following, and get the tips and tricks for creating it from the person behind the original pin. For this edition we checked in with the blogger responsible for this multi-plaited hairstyle. The classic three-strand braid is a cinch to do and creates a pulled-together look in less time than it takes to order a latte. But if you want to put your styling skills to the test and turn heads at the same time, try this four-strand braid, following these tips from its creator, Saffy of BobbyGlam hair extensions. Step 1: Brush through your hair and apply a bit of smoothing cream over your strands. Try: Redken Outshine 01 Anti-Frizz Polishing Milk. Step 2: If your hair is shoulder-length or shorter, you'll want to add clip-in hair extensions in order to get the full impact of this look. Try: BobbyGlam Full Head Hair Extensions in Double Weft 20-22 inches. Tip: When doing this particular style, place “the extensions slightly higher on the head than usual,” Saffy says. Step 3: Create a deep side part and sweep your hair to one side. Then separate it into four equal parts. Step 4: Pick up the outer two sections with the hand that is on the same side as your hair and hold the inner two sections with your opposite hand. Step 5: Start the braid by moving the innermost section (closest to your neck) over the section that is next to it. Then, weave the same section under the third section. Step 6: Move the fourth section (farthest from your neck) under the section next to it (closer to your neck) and then over the next section. Step 7: Continue this process all the way down the length of your hair. The innermost section always goes over and then under. The outermost section always goes under and then over. Step 8: Secure the end of the braid with an elastic and you're done! Tip: This braid is “quite versatile and can be worn sleek and neat or you can massage the braid to make it more boho,” Saffy says.

Photo: Courtesy of BobbyGlam



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