Julia DiNardo Apr 3, 2012
As much as we love experimenting with new polish colors, keeping up with a professional look by continually masking polish chips and performing nail maintenance can be a timely and costly undertaking. The solution? A natural, but shiny polish-free mani. Our experts agreed that the best way to achieve the look is by perfecting your buffing techniques. Here are a few more shine-inducing nail tips. Be a nail buff Deborah Lippmann, celebrity manicurist and founder of  the eponymous luxury nail, hand and foot care company, used her 4-way nail buffer backstage at The Row this season to create a high shine look. "Buffing nails is a great quick fix if you don’t have time to polish," shares Lippmann. "My buffer has four fabrics, so you can do a little shaping, exfoliating and buffing to give the nails a beautiful shine." Don't overdo it Professional editorial manicurist Elisa Ferri agrees. "I recommend using a 4-way buffer; but stay away from the course side. Use the milder grade to file into shape, then buff the surface of the nail to remove any ridges or discoloration. Then, use the finest side to buff to a beautiful shine." Quench thirsty nails "The final step is to apply Qtica Solid Gold Anti-Bacterial Oil Gel," Ferri concludes. "This will tame and hydrate cuticles while adding moisture to nail beds." Lippmann advises that "If you’re in a bind for time, quickly buffing, shaping and hydrating will do a world of good—it’s a quick way for your hands to look and feel clean." Do you have any polish-free mani tricks?


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