Caitlin Larwood Mar 18, 2014
We’ve all had one of those days when our hair says it all. "Sorry, I overslept," our strands mumble drearily when we drag into work in the morning. Or "Yes, I did stay out way too late," they admit in response to curious, potentially judgmental stares. And yet, just because we’ve all had those days doesn’t mean we want the general public to know the inner workings of our personal lives. Team MDC has you covered with just the right tips and tricks to keep your hair in check and your secrets safe. Today let's recreate a classic — the ponytail. Attaining just the right amount of effortless appeal balanced with the ideal level of structure may sound complicated but it doesn’t have to be. take your pony tail up a notch 1. Flip your hair over and give it a generous dry shampoo covering. Focus on the top of your head, at the roots. Be careful not to spray too close to your head or you may see the white powder. Keep the bottle about 5 inches from your head when spraying. Massage the dry shampoo into your scalp, creating texture and leaving your hair looking so fresh and so clean. 2. Gather hair into the location on your head where a relaxed ponytail feels best. Try for one additional ponytail elastic loop for a tighter, cleaner finish. 3. Pin any large flyaways back with bobby pins. Spray a small amount of hairspray into your fingertips and push any remaining flyaways back. 4. The ends of our hair tend to show the most damage, especially when they are dry. Put 2-3 drops of hair oil into your hands. Spend a full 10 seconds rubbing your hands together. Put the bottom third of your ponytail in between your hands and pull it through again and again until most of the oil is off your hands. And bonus! Any leftover oil is great for dry spots on your hands and elbows. Product recommendations: Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil, Shu Uemura Essence AbsolueL'Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil, and Caudalie Divine Oil. 5. Add your own personal flair. Now you are prepped to perfection— there’s something to be said about distraction. Give those curious onlookers something to admire about your ‘do. We are talking serious ponytail swag here. Put a bow on it. Use something as simple as a printed Emi-Jay hair tie to fasten your ponytail, or add a bow with colorful ribbon. Cut a ribbon in your signature color about 28 inches long and tie a bow right over the elastic holding your pony in place. Curl your ponytail with a straightener. Loose, laid back curls are achievable! Heat up your straightener and get to work. Add texture. Apply a texturizing powder and take a moment to tease your ponytail for a little more va va voom volume. Now that you have achieved relaxed ponytail perfection, you can start working on that Marcia Brady ponytail swing when you walk. Share your ponytail tricks and tips below!


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