As six-year-olds frolicking about with popsicle-stained lips on hot July days, we couldn't imagine the look would erupt as a major makeup trend in the years to come. In an effort to recapture our childhood and the sweet loss of innocence (sans popsicle), we enlisted the help of pro makeup artist Diana Alba to walk us through the lip look that is making us feel all of the feels. 

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to create the look at home:

Step 1. Using your finger or a small concealer brush, apply concealer to the entire lip area. Use soft, tapping motions to spread the formula so it appears light and "fluffy".

Step 2. Dab a highly pigmented lip stain to the center of your lips.

Step 3. Using a small, fluffy eyeshadow brush, diffuse the color by brushing it gently outward. 

Step 4. Apply a tinted lip gloss to the center of your lips, and blend it in with your fingers to finish the look.

Here we captured some behind-the-scenes photos of reader Onelia flaunting the popsicle-stained pout. Let us know what you think of this look in the comments below!



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