ggold Jun 26, 2011
You know the saying "Rules are meant to be broken." Yet when it comes to makeup, breaking free of tradition can feel so wrong. Here's inspiration: Sometimes, doing the old-school thing looks amazingly right, says Lancôme Beauty At Every Age makeup artist Sandy Linter. Her tips for pulling off what you thought were beauty's biggest no-no's: Old think: Blue eyeshadow is for grandma. New think: A pop of blue can brighten up eyes and look really fresh in summer. "Instead of covering the entire lid, use blue shadow to softly line the eye," says Linter. Old think: Drawing attention to both eyes and lips looks clownish. New think: Balance, baby! If you're doing a strong eye and bold lip, use complementary shades like a smoky charcoal shadow and a scarlet red lipstick for drama that won't compete. Old think: Applying mascara on bottom lashes gives you raccoon eyes, so skip it. New think: If you use the right mascara, a touch under the lower lash line can add subtle sexiness. Try a smudge-proof mascara with a small, skinny brush for precise application…and hands off your eyes. Old think: If you're over 30, the word "shimmer" shouldn't be in your vocabulary. New think: Trade in heavy metals like gold and silver for sheer, shimmery blue or peach eye shadow shades—just as pretty, and totally flattering. Old Think: First comes concealer, then comes foundation. New Think: Swap the order for a fresh look, says Linter: Apply a light layer of foundation, then follow up with concealer. You'll find that you're slapping on a lot less base this way. Try it! Old think: Smoky eyes should only be worn at night, lest you look like a streetwalker. New think: Go for it! Just skip the heavy contouring around your lid. Instead, use your pinky finger to smudge gray shadow along your top lash line. Then go wow your coworkers.


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