Caitlin Larwood May 22, 2014
Combining beauty, brains and sheer talent, Priyanka Chopra is one of Bollywood’s highest paid actresses and winner of the Miss World pageant in 2000. It is always a pleasure to meet someone seemingly on top of the world and be pleasantly surprised by how lovely and completely down to earth they are. priyanka chopra interview We caught up with Priyanka at a private screening of her now released music video for “I Can’t Make You Love Me” in New York City as she kicks off her music career (what can’t this woman do!?). Priyanka was humbled and honored by the crowd—and of course excited to show the video that she put much time and effort into creating. She told us that the end of the video is supposed to send an empowerment message to women. Take a look for yourself. And we had to ask her a few important beauty questions to get the scoop for our MDC readers! You have your hands in so many interesting projects right now! For a woman constantly on the go, what beauty essentials do you keep in your purse? OMG - my purse is so heavy, and I swear 80% of the weight comes from the beauty products I can’t live without. I have about seven standards: hand lotion, perfume (usually two different kinds - Gucci Flora is one of my faves), a powder compact, gum, lip balm, lip stain, and hair ties!   What makes you feel most confident when you are performing or filming?  Beauty related? Moisturized lips… Although I’m a big believer that confidence comes from within.   Who gives you the best beauty advice? I’ve worked with hundreds of super talented makeup artists and hair stylists in countries all over the world, so I get amazing beauty tips from them. Some of them I immediately adopt into my beauty regimen, some aren’t for me… But I’d say I have a very eclectic beauty practice that incorporates beauty tricks from many different cultures.   What is your best beauty advice? Wash your face before going to bed… NO MATTER WHAT!   What beauty trend are you embracing right now? Wispy braids.   What beauty trend are you staying far away from? Hmmm… I’m really experimental, but I’m probably staying away from super bold lips. I saw Rihanna wearing green lips the other day, and I wish I could pull that off… But my lips walk into a room 10 minutes before I do, so I try to stick with plum/wine/pink colors.   Who is your beauty icon? Beyonce. I think she nails it every time… Not to mention, confidence is one of the most beautiful qualities a woman can have.   What is your overall message to women in your music? Stay true to yourself, be who you are, and own it.     How do you define beauty? It may sound cliché, but I really believe beauty is found within us… Period.     What do you think of Priyanka’s new music video? Feeling empowered? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.   Photo:  LZ Media Group


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