To be perfectly candid, we’ve been on quite the primer kick lately, and for good reason. Face primer happens to be one of those makeup products that makes a world of a difference and asks for little credit in return. It’s not bright or flashy, but it does the job, and does it well for that matter. Without it, you can say goodbye to that foundation application and strategically placed contour. We’re happy to give any highly talked about goodie a try, so when Lancôme sent us their illuminating makeup primer, La Base Pro Hydra Glow to test, we were all over the stuff — or more like the stuff was all over us!

Makeup Primer

La Base Pro is no ordinary primer. While some have blurring and smoothing powers, this makeup extender has a special skillset all its own. With dewy, glowing skin stealing the spotlight and gracing the faces of every runway model and makeup tutorial, Hydra Glow basically does to your skin what eight, 8oz glasses of water does your, well, skin! It instantly hydrates and plumps your complexion with 14 skin-loving ingredients like soothing oils, rose essence, shea butter and Hyaluronic acid. We’re no longer just talking about the “glue that holds it all together,” but a makeup product that has added skin benefits! Overachieve much?

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If you’re looking for a mattifying primer, steer clear of the signature pink packaging because the Hydra Glow contains two types of pearl pigments that brighten skin and give off a rosy, healthy hue. Apply beneath your favorite foundation for all-day wear, or wear it alone on one of those no-makeup makeup days (we all have those). Think of it as a 1-second boost for a tired — or not-so-tired — complexion. Call us obsessed, but we think this primer really takes the cake!

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