It’s safe to say the great dry shampoo debate has beauty lovers equally divided (the team at included). There are some who swear by its magical, oil-blasting powers, and those who wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole. And as much as we love and appreciate the stuff, we understand the latter sentiment. Some dry shampoos can actually weigh down locks and make them feel sticky and stiff, especially if your locks fall on the textured/coarse end of the hair spectrum. That’s no bueno, right?

So, when Shu Uemura Art of Hair sent us a bottle of their latest launch — Color Lustre Dry Cleaner — our team was equally intrigued and skeptical. First of all, what the heck is a “dry cleaner” and how is it different from a typical dry shampoo formula? Second of all, how do we known that this stuff won’t  turn our  heads into nest -like wastelands of ultra-dry hair?  In true beauty editor fashion, we decided to answer our own questions by test driving this little mist-like product.

Suffice to say, the results were pure magic. Whether you’re a die-hard dry-shampooer or on the opposing end, this product will have you believing in miracles … and giving your daily hair-washing routine a run for its money.

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No Texture Added

Many dry shampoo formulas have turned people off because of their powdery and sometimes sticky residue that leaves locks feeling even grimier than before. Well, this new spray — which is designed to be the anti-dry shampoo — trumps that not-so-cute texture effect. Instead, the translucent, powder-like mist feels like a soft cloud settling around your hair. No clumping, build-up or texture here. Oh, and that weird snow-like dust that totally stands out on dark locks? Nowhere to be seen. Doesn’t that sound lovely? We think so, too.

Your Hair Will Feel So Fresh & So Clean, Clean

The beauty of this dry cleaner is that it literally feels like you just sent your mane to the cleaners. In addition to oil-absorption, the spray delivers a dose of moisture so hair feels refreshed and light, like you just got a great blowout. And, that rough, dry, crispy feel that comes from dirty hair stacked with too-much product? Gone with the wind, baby. Run your fingers through that hair and experience the soft, touchable goodness for yourself. Go ahead — no one’s looking. 

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