#WomanCrushWednesday celebrates our favorite beauty influencers.

Here, ballerina and blogger Dani McGowan of @mermaidwaves spills her dancer beauty routine, why she’s so passionate about skincare and what beauty means to her.

How did you get started in beauty/ fashion/ lifestyle influencing?

I have always been a major blogger fangirl.  After drooling over bloggers’ instagram feeds for a few years, I finally decided to take my daily #ootd pics on my Instagram to the next level and start a blog.

How has dancing impacted your beauty/skincare routine?

As a dancer, you are constantly putting stress on your skin, whether its a super sweaty rehearsal or caking on stage makeup before a performance. You learn pretty quickly that a good skincare routine is a must.  I just finished a weekend of performances and immediately came home this afternoon to do a charcoal mask to draw out all the dirt and makeup from the past weekend.

What moment in your influencer/ dancing career (so far!) are you most proud of?

The thing I am most proud of in both my dance and influencer career of is my ability to say yes to new things. Usually, I have no idea what am I getting myself into but I always seem to make it work.

What's your favorite beauty product at the moment?

Light face oil by Scratch goods. I mix it into my foundation for a dewy face on the daily, I'm obsessed with how fresh my skin looks even in the dry winter months.

Aside from a wallet and phone, what do you keep in your bag at all times?

My second phone, LOL. I love creating #content and have way too many boomerangs to store on only one phone.


feeling glowy ✨ ps i’m a big supporter of winter midriff

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If you weren't a dancer, what would you be doing and why?

I would still be Instagram-ing and blogging, but I definitely would be teaching some sort of fitness classes. I'm obsessed with moving.

What does beauty mean to you?

Growing up as a dancer, I always saw beauty as the perfect body or the perfect pirouette, but I have come to realize that real beauty is confidence and letting the inner you shine through.



About the Author:Alanna Martine Kilkeary is a native New Yorker and an assistant beauty editor at Makeup.com. She has had the opportunity to grace the digital pages of Harper's BAZAAR, Rolling Stone and Teen Vogue with her words and skills. She runs a literary infused fashion blog in her free time, her heart belongs to William Shakespeare, and most importantly, she believes that Wes Anderson should serve as art director for the entire universe.

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