purse essentials Want a behind-the-scenes look into any woman’s life? Look no further than the contents of her purse. Conclusions about her style, personality, work life and passions can often be drawn simply by assessing the design and size of her bag. But as is true so often in life, it’s really what’s inside that counts. Unless you’re one of the blessed few who stash only a wallet, lip balm and keys in a tiny satchel, chances are you’re carrying around a small salon on your shoulder.  We know you. You’ve got at least a couple hair ties in there, and probably some bobby pins. There’s no doubt you have a few lip glosses, lipsticks or lip stains. Chances are you’ve got some hand lotion and roll-on perfume in there too, and maybe even some mascara and blush. You are armed and ready, with a bag heavy enough to be used as a weapon. We’re in no position to tell you anything is more important than your favorite lip gloss, but we are in favor of minimizing your carry-all collection. Who really needs to be lugging around 25 varieties of lip color anyhow? It’s time to reconsider what is absolutely necessary to have on hand. Below are six purse essentials every power woman — aka every woman, regardless if you rock a power suit to work — should have in her purse. Tissue. Pocket packs of tissue are cheap, but their uses are endless. There are the obvious uses like tears, stray lipstick marks, and nasal congestion. But the list goes on: In a pinch, tissue paper can sub as toilet paper, paper towels, gauze, and even a notepad. All-in-one lip color. When you’re rushing to your next big meeting, you may be more concerned with your talking points and presentation. A quick swipe of bold lipstick or gloss will instantly help you feel confident and stand out. We love multipurpose products like Maybelline Color Elixir in Captivating Carnation, which serves as a lip balm, color and gloss in one simple application — so you can spend more time moving mountains than reapplying lipstick. In a pinch, you can even use it for a rosy glow on your cheeks. Just dab and blend! A reliable pen and small notepad. These days, the notion of handwriting may seem lost to many of us. When we need to remember something, we might use our phones to snap a picture of it or record a reminder. But a pen still has immense value, even in this day and age. You never know when your phone will be lost, broken or even just dead. And you never know when you’ll meet a business contact, Prince Charming or future best friend and want their information. Moisturizer. A great hand lotion has many uses aside from keeping your pretty paws soft and smooth. Is static cling attacking your dress? Just apply lotion to the problem area and you’re good to go. Humidity got your hair? Apply lotion to your hands, rub it in, then run your fingers through your strands. The slight residue will give your hair some weight to combat the frizz. Look for a product without a strong scent or greasy after-effects, like Kiehl’s Crème de Corps, which is available in a travel-sized bottle. Manicure tools. Speaking of keeping your hands oh-so-pretty, when it’s time for a power handshake, you don’t want to be the girl offering up her hand with chipped and chewed-up nails. Keep a nail file in your bag, and maybe even some quick-fix manicure options: essie Sleek Sticks Nail Appliques are easy to apply quickly without the mess of nail polish and are small enough to carry in your bag. Just stick them on, file them down and you’ve got a great manicure in minutes.  Business cards in a classy case. With technology evolving the way it is, it’s possible business cards will soon become obsolete. But that day isn’t here just yet. Present yourself like the smart, savvy woman you are by having several copies of your business card stashed in a stylish cardholder. It’s a seamless method for graciously networking with other professionals. Get noticed because you’re wearing a great shade of lipstick; be remembered because you sent your future boss home with your business card.   What items do you carry in your purse at all times? Let us know in the comments!   photo credit: thinkstock


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