Caitlin Larwood Sep 10, 2012
The third annual Elle Fashion Next runway show brought clothes created by 19 emerging fashion designers from the Fashion Institute of Technology to one runway. What tied these dramatically unique looks together? An orange lip and minimalist hair waves. We met with the masterminds behind this look, Maybelline makeup artist Gabe Almodovar and Kérastase hairstylist Nina Dimachki, to learn how to put it together and their favorite beauty trends from the spring 2013 shows. Can tonight’s look be achieved off the runway? Gabe: Absolutely. It is simple with a pop of bright color. Women should take fashion week trends and incorporate them in a way that feels comfortable to them. Tailor a look to your lifestyle, your wants, your needs. Nina: Yes! This look is completely wearable. If it takes you longer than 15 minutes to achieve these loose, natural waves, it is too long. Use a curling iron to enhance any natural wave you have. Products to achieve the look are Kérastase Elixir Ultime and Double Force hair spray. What is your favorite beauty trend you've seen at New York Fashion Week? Gabe: A cat eye with blue liner, either cobalt or navy. Also, stronger, thicker eyebrows. I’ve seen nails follow this color trend, tending to go darker with navy or purple. Nina: I liked the tight French braid tied to the side at Jason Wu. Something about it said “old soul” to me. In your opinion, what is the must-have product women should carry? Gabe: Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. What fashion week trend do you wish would just go away? Nina: Colored ombré. Put the chalk down and go away! What are your thoughts on the mulberry lip? Gabe: Love it! I’m into the vampire look. I am Edward Cullen.

Photos: Courtesy of Elle



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