Even for pros, applying eye shadow can sometimes be tricky business. It doesn’t always blend the way you want it to, it creases and it can even crack throughout the day — plus, brushes … so many brushes! It can be hard deciphering which ones you’re supposed to use. And if you’re not a shadow aficionado, fahgettaboudit! That’s why we found the #1 easiest solution to your shadow troubles — two words — EYE TINT! Don’t know what we’re talking about? Just follow us here.

eye shadow
Giorgio Armani Eye Tint

While they look like tubes of oddly colored lip gloss, this revolutionary new eye makeup is actually a liquid eye tint that transforms from liquid to solid, for a smudge-free, crease-free eye shadow look that lasts up to 16 hours. The process is seriously foolproof! Just dab some color on your lid using the stick applicator and use your finger to smudge the liquid all over your lid. That’s IT! Seriously. Layer it for a more dramatic look or use it as a liner for a subtle pop of color! Speaking of color, the product comes in 12 different shades so you can switch up your look from deep-sea navy blues, emerald greens, shimmery pinks, golds and even mauve.


What’s your #1 go-to product for perfect eye shadow (and your favorite shade)? Let us know in the comments below!


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