Have you ever noticed how a particular scent or fragrance will make you think of a particular person and even bring you back to a special time and place with that person? So often we see a signature lipstick or nail color as a reigning factor in our individual beauty style, and we overlook and underestimate the powers of a defining scent. To help you find a scent that is undeniably you, we are going to determine your fragrance equivalent. Take our little MDC quiz to find out which fragrance should become your signature scent.


MDC Quiz: What Fragrance Are You?

1) Your idea of a perfect date is:

A) An elegant dinner at a five-star restaurant, complete with wine and a three-course meal.

B) Drinks at a lounge where you can wear your little black dress and sexy heels

C) A picnic in the park or on the beach

D) Skydiving

2) If your life was a movie, it would be a:

A) Drama

B) Suspenseful thriller

C) Romance

D) Action

3) Your closest friends would describe you as:

A) Classy

B) Passionate

C) Sweet

D) Adventurous

4) Your ideal vacation spot would be:

A) A European art history tour

B) An exotic getaway to a Caribbean Island

C) A week in Paris

D) An African safari

5) What’s your personal philosophy?

A) Learn by doing

B) Live with no regrets

C) Love is all you need

D) Life is short, so dream big

6) What’s your must-have beauty product?

A) Mascara

B) Red lipstick

C) Blush

D) Sunscreen

7) On a Saturday night, you can be found:

A) Watching a foreign film over some wine and cheese

B) Salsa dancing the night away

C) Saturday’s date night! Duh!

D) Indoor rock climbing or something equally adventurous and challenging

Mostly As: Giorgio Armani Sì. With your natural elegance and taste for the finer things in life, you need a fragrance that embodies that. Featuring tones of blackcurrant nectar, modern chypre and blond wood musk, this scent is as cultured and classy as you.

Mostly Bs: Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance. Your flare for passion and mystery need to expressed and this sensual scent is the perfect outlet. Featuring pink peony and black vanilla, this scent will just add to your magnetism and undeniable allure.

Mostly Cs: Viktor & Rolf Bonbon. You’re a lover not a fighter in all things. The sweet caramel notes of this scent will help bring out your own natural sweetness and nurturing tendencies.

Mostly Ds: YSL Beauty Manifesto. Life is a journey and you take on every twist and turn without hesitation. An independent and strong-willed lady like you needs a scent that can keep up with her, and this fragrance fits the bill. Bold notes of wood, vanilla and tonka beans come together in a strong-yet-feminine formula that will be the perfect companion on all of your adventures.

What was your fragrance match? Tell us your results in the comments below. 

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