Adina Zilberman Mar 28, 2012
It’s difficult, it’s perplexing, it keeps us running right in circles...I’m talking about the undertone guessing game that we all play when selecting makeup shades that flatter us. Are we cool? Warm? Something in between? Fret no more. Simply answer these easy questions to find out what tone you are—once and for all! 1. Turn your arm over. What color are your veins? a. Blue b. Green 2. Which clothing colors tend to look best on you? a. Blues and purples b. Yellows and oranges 3. Do you burn it in the sun, or do you tan? a. I burn b. I tan 4. Which type of jewelry tends to look best on you? a. Silver b. Gold If you answered more A's you have a cool undertone. Cool gals should stick with shades of blue, green, pink, and purple. If you answered more B's you have a warm undertone. Warm gals can generally look good in shades of orange, yellow, red, and brown. If you answered two A's and B's, lucky you! You have mixed undertones—meaning you can rock the best of both worlds when it comes to colors. Photo credit: Getty Images


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