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Just like Dolly Parton sang, working 9 to 5 is a way to make a living — but for so many of us, it’s more than just a job. We love what we do, and we’re not afraid to say it! But have you ever wondered what the ideal hairstyle was for your career? We’re not saying you have to wear the same hairstyle day in and day out, but some styles certainly make more sense than others. Take our quiz to find out which ’do makes the most sense for you!

hairstyle quiz
1. During the day, you’re most likely to:

a. Make something from nothing
b. Review paperwork
c. Help someone
d. Answer silly questions

2. Your work attire mostly consists of:

a. Whatever sounded good this morning
b. Skirts, blouses and tailored slacks
c. A uniform
d. Something professional yet practical

3. Your most common gripe about your hair is that:

a. It’s boring
b. It looks unkempt
c. It gets in the way
d. It gets pulled on

4. When you’re at work, your greatest inspiration is:

a. Music and things of beauty
b. Coffee to get you through the next meeting
c. Seeing people happy
d. Watching people succeed

5. The most likely culprit for a bad makeup day is:

a. An artistic eye shadow look gone wrong
b. Dark circles from lack of sleep
c. Sweat
d. Chapped lips

6. What is your main objective when getting ready for work?

a. Feeling good
b. Looking professional and well-kempt
c. Being comfortable and feeling pretty
d. Looking professional and feeling comfortable

If you got…

Mostly As:
You’re a creative person, and your job title reflects it. Whether you’re a painter, a writer, a musician or a designer, you like to have fun with your hair. The braid is your best bet. There are just SO MANY varieties of braids you can wear once you’ve mastered a few simple plaiting techniques. The bonus is that most braided hairstyles keep your hair out of your face – huge if you’re an artist!

Because we know you like to switch it up, here are some of our favorite braids to try out:

Mostly Bs:
You may spend your Saturdays goofing around, but on the weekdays, you’re more of a gladiator than Olivia Pope. You spend your days reviewing reports, holding meetings and just generally killing it in your perfectly tailored designer suits. The hairstyle best suited for your crazy schedule is the ponytail, because it’s simple to do but still looks polished and professional.

But just because you’ve got a busy life doesn’t mean you get to pull your hair back into the same basic ponytail every day! No way, Jose! Try these variations instead:

Mostly Cs:
You spend your days helping people, whether you’re a nurse, a restaurant server or a store owner. You’re running around a lot and you need your hair completely out of the way for any tasks that may need conquering. The bun is the best option for you, since it keeps every bit of your hair up and out of the way.

Here are our favorite bun options:

Mostly Ds:
You spend your days teaching and caring for kids who will grow up to be our future, but in the present day they can be a handful! You need to look presentable and approachable at the same time, but hair in your face as you give lectures or grade papers can be a big annoyance. And if you work with little kids, you’re dealing with the possibility of grabby little hands yanking on your hair. Solve this problem by wearing your hair half-up. You can pull the bottom half down so that it sits against your back and is out of your way.

You don’t want your students thinking you’re boring — don’t let them think your hair is either! Spice it up with these great half-up ideas!

What’s your favorite hairstyle for workdays? Tell us about it in the comments below! 

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