You can call us tricksters, but we like to think of ourselves as illusionists – we’ve perfected the makeup game so well that we can fake a nose job and look bright eyed after only two hours of sleep. We’ve ultimately figured out how to cut corners in our beauty routine without looking unkept, lazy and anything less than fabulous. But with all the magicianry and beauty tips we can accomplish faster than you can shout Abracadabra, there is one area we can’t skimp on - our nails. top-coat A flawless manicure takes more than just the perfect polish, it takes a little patience and a whole lot of top coat. Maybe it’s the perfectionist in us that makes top coat an essential part of every manicure, but you won’t be able to deny the need for this clear sealant after reading why you should NEVER skip top coat.

1. Long Lasting Wear
- Lifting polish, chipped tips, and a few nicks here and there can turn the most beautiful manicure into your worst nightmare. When your nails don’t look absolutely pristine, you may find yourself embarrassed, or even worse distracted, during important introductions. Luckily, one application at the end of your manicure and your polish will stay put for days, if not weeks, longer.

2. Sparkle and Shine -
The older we get the more we love shiny things (cough, cough...diamond rings). If we can’t drown our hands in gemstones right now the next best thing is sparkling, glass-like tips. Top coat turns your lackluster polish job into a beaming ray of colorful light that can help you hail cabs, attract the boy behind the counter at your favorite coffee shop and add a little cheer to an otherwise overcast day.

3. Encourage Nail Growth -
Do you yearn for stronger and longer nails? While nail health is partly genetic, you can help strengthen your tips by keeping your nails polished regularly. Adding top coat provides a stronger bond between polish and nail, meaning it battles breakage and encourages nail growth.

4. Speed Up Drying Time -
Our lives are busy, so walking around the house like a robot isn’t productive nor attractive. Instead, we want to polish our nails, smile at our finished masterpiece and focus on more pressing busy girl issues like how to survive the rest of winter. If you’re on the run or heading to bed in fear of sheet marks on your nails, try a fast drying top coat like essie Good to Go Top Coat – your nails will dry in seconds and be brilliant beyond words.

5. Preserve Your Nail Art -
On a normal day we’re no Van Gogh, but on a day when we’ve just completed our best modern art manicure, that’s another story. Because no matter how bumpy our nails look, or how ridged our lines appear after removing tape, with a swipe of top coat all is smoothed and blended as it should be. The next time you try a unique nail design you’ll be more confident that the finished result will look magnificent as long as you keep a top coat on hand.  

Why do you apply top coat to your manicure?
Tell us in the comments below.  

Photo: essie


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