Makeup has been a part of our lives for centuries. In fact, one of history’s original beauty icons, Cleopatra, was known to have a rigid beauty routine that consisted of lipstick made from red clay and brightly colored shadow derived from rocks and minerals (and don’t even get us started on her signature cat eye!). On top of being known for her beauty, this Egyptian queen was also known as a powerful leader, and we like to think that her appearance had something to do with that historical legacy. You see, putting vanity aside, there are many practical benefits to looking your best. Not sure where we’re going with this? Check out these top 10 reasons to look great that have nothing to do with narcissism (OK, maybe a little).

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Boosts Your Self Esteem. It’s common knowledge that when you look good, you feel good. It’s amazing what swiping on some red lipstick can do for your confidence levels, even on the cloudiest of days.

2. Keeps Your Hygiene and Health in Check. Many of the beauty rituals that we implement on a daily or weekly basis are actually doing some good to our bodies. Brushing your teeth with that fabulous whitening toothpaste, moisturizing your cuticles before giving yourself that festive summer mani and slapping on that SPF-infused BB cream are all helping you while make you prettier.

3. Communication. Looking good can be very helpful in your day-to-day interaction with people. You are bound to have a much more effective conversation when you’re not worrying about your hair being a mess or that you forgot to cover up that breakout, right?

4. Helps Make a Great First Impression. As shallow as it may sound, our appearance is a major factor in leaving a memorable impression on someone. If you are not looking your best or appealing to the eye, keeping the other party’s attention may prove difficult. We all want to be the girl that stands out in the crowd and is remembered long after they have left the room.

5. It’s Fun! Let’s be honest. There’s a rush and surge of excitement we get as we stroll down the makeup aisle contemplating the possibilities at our fingertips. Getting dolled up is fun, period. Let’s revel in it all we can.

6. It Makes You YOU. Whether it’s your signature coral lipstick, perfectly flushed cheeks or precise cat-eye, your makeup routine helps you express your individuality and innate uniqueness.

7. Helps Your Professional Life. Again, we bring up another harsh reality of life. While experience and skill are obviously key in the job department, an attractive exterior is also important in leaving that lasting impression we mentioned earlier. Good employees are those that put their best selves forward, and that includes their outward appearance.

8. Proves You Aren’t Lazy. Nobody wants to be pegged as that girl who never brushes her hair or strolls into the office with an unwashed face every day. It’s much better to be the girl that makes an effort to be poised and put-together (even if there was very little effort involved).

9. Gives You a Leg-Up in the Romance Department. Looks play a vital role in the ever-present game of attraction. Although personality can make or break a love connection, we can’t deny the powers of a first glimpse that brings on the butterflies.

10. You Feel Like It. At the end of the day, we look good because we want to and because it makes us feel just a little more comfortable in our own skin. Life’s too short to deprive ourselves of that teal eyeliner or illuminating foundation. Glow, baby, glow!

What motivates you to look your best? Sound off in the comments below. 

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