Aimee Blaut Aug 7, 2012
Aimee Blaut caught up with Stockholm-based Rebecca Brage, who works in online media for many fashion brands by day and deejays around the city by night, and got her to dish out all her beauty favorites. I studied marketing in high school and knew that I wanted to end up working in the field. It was eight years ago that I started working at a media agency. I was super nervous, but I felt like I had my future on a silver platter. Today I work a lot with social media and online campaigns. I worked with L’Oréal a couple of years ago and that was really fun. I like to work with brands that I can relate to. Aside from working with accounts, I am also a DJ. My dad is a musician and I always wanted to work with music, but I can’t sing and I can’t play any instruments. Then I started listening to electronic music for hours and hours every day, and I thought about trying it out because I didn’t need to sing or play any instruments. I play at a lot of house and techno clubs around Stockholm. One of the best ones I’ve deejayed at is Berns. I am playing at Stockholm Fashion Week for Fashion's Night Out later this month at Biblioteksgatan, which will be really fun. When I wake up, I take a shower and wash my face with a cleanser from a new Swedish brand, SkinPlan. Then I use this serum from Lancôme, Visionnaire. It makes my skin feel really fresh afterward because there are a lot of antioxidants in it. After that I put on my day cream from SkinPlan, and do my makeup.   I always use the same makeup and always have really strong eyeliner and mascara. When I was twelve, I saw a girl on the bus who was wearing cool eyeliner and I thought to myself, when I am older and start to wear makeup, I will have the same eyeliner as her. So since I was fifteen I have worn my eyeliner like this every day. I’ve been thinking about doing something different, but it feels very much a part of me since I’ve been doing it for so long. I use H&M liquid liner in black and start at the inner corner of my eye and draw a line above my lash line toward the outer corner, curl it up at the end and then fill it in. I can do it on the train or on the bus because I am so used to it now. After that I put on L’Oréal Voluminous Original mascara. I’ve been using it since I was eighteen. On my skin I use bareMinerals powder foundation and rouge. My eyebrows are really light, so a couple of years ago I stared using a soft brown pencil to make them a bit darker. I think if I wear a lot of eyeliner and put lipstick on it can be too much, so I just use Carmex on my lips.   I always use perfume. I think that Chloé has a really smooth scent, which is perfect when I am more low-key. I also love to wear Armani Code. It has a stronger smell that I like to wear when I am going out.     What do you love about Rebecca's beauty routine?

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